New building. New sign. Happy tenants.

Schilling Properties needed a sign to fit their budget and fulfill their tenants’ needs. They turned to Bismarck Sign Company and Daktronics for the design and quality to match their new building.


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The Schilling family didn’t know it, but they were very fortunate when they purchased some land on the outskirts of Bismarck, North Dakota, 30 years ago for mini storage. Today, the intersection is one of the busiest in the city, so they are making the most of it.

Schilling Properties, as it’s now called, is run by several members of the Schilling family, including Cary Schilling, who acts as Managing Partner. They decided to develop the property in 2011. After several iterations, they ended up constructing a four-story brick and stone multi-use building that houses retail, office space, and seven apartments.

With everything happening in the building, the Schillings needed a way to communicate and promote the retail and business tenants in a way that matched the property’s aesthetic.

That’s where Bismarck Sign Company came into the picture. They won the project with a solid proposal, a good relationship, and a Daktronics sign.

“I love the story of Daktronics,” says Schilling. “Then I saw their work, and I specifically requested Daktronics. Their work is outstanding.”

“We talked with several other sign companies, and it became clear that we should work with Bismarck Sign Company. Their design worked best, and the relationship with the whole team was very good.”

The team needed to stay within a specific budget for the project, and Bismarck and Daktronics designed the sign accordingly, working with sizing and location, while keeping the future in mind. They even built it so Schilling could add brick and stone to the structure later.

“The sign provides exposure for all the businesses in the building,” says Schilling. “We run their ads on a rotating basis. “The tenants are very happy, and we’ve received comments from customers on the appearance and functionality of the sign. The Daktronics warranty is outstanding, too. They want us to succeed, and there’s great service behind it.”

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