How Digital Signage Elevates & Enhances Education Environments

Using digital signage and LED displays on campus can help enhance the student experience.

Tyler Campbell on 11/7/2022

Categories: Spectaculars

Students are the heart of higher learning institutions, and today’s 21st-century learners can be connected to the campus through digital screens in many public spaces. Engaging content and a unified, informative messaging system creates an innovative, modern campus that enhances collaboration among staff, students, and visitors.

Digital display solutions are a great fit for higher education campuses that are committed to improving their communication and keeping students, teachers, staff and visitors more informed and entertained.

Here’s a list of potential indoor applications on campus:
▪ Wayfinding
▪ Welcome/Donor Walls
▪ Student Unions
▪ Classroom/Lecture Halls
▪ Alumni/Hall of Fame Centers
▪ Auditorium/Performing Arts
▪ Academic Schools
▪ Cafeteria or Commons Areas

What can each of these applications bring to your institution of higher education? Let’s take a look!

Wayfinding Displays

A university is large and sometimes intimidating for new students and visitors. Help welcome them and ensure they get exactly where they need to go with interactive touchscreen maps and other various forms of digital signage. In addition, touch-free voice activation technology can also allow them to ask your digital signage for directions to where they need to go.

Welcome/Donor Walls

Welcome students and visitors with an LED or LCD video wall. Build a community on campus by communicating ways to get involved and advertise events or other PSAs. A welcome display creates a prestigious, yet friendly feel for your university.

Student Unions

Places like student centers and unions provide common areas to socialize. Large format video walls and digital displays installed in atriums, student lounges and other spaces allow universities to better connect with students and help foster a more dynamic campus environment.

Classroom/Lecture Halls

In classrooms and lecture halls, direct-view LED (dvLED) video walls are visible from anywhere in the room, providing vibrant content for enhancing the learning experience. In addition, leading-edge schools are choosing dvLED screens to provide vibrant dynamic images without reducing lighting in the room, keeping a bright engaging learning environment for the students. Interactive video walls are fast becoming essential tools for the modern classroom and lab – supporting research, innovation and reshaping the role of visual technology in higher education.

Alumni/Hall of Fame Centers

Engage visitors by highlighting university history, stories about notable alumni and showcasing the vision for the future. Alumni & Hall of Fame venues showcase and recognize the best scholarly and creative work in a centralized space. A dvLED video wall can help enhance the space that provides prominence and serves as a nexus of innovation, research and creativity at your university or college.

Auditorium/Performing Arts Centers

With a large LED video screen as a backdrop, professors can have a full seamless digital canvas to enhance their presentations or videos, free from bezels, with no distracting color inaccuracies and maintenance with less disruption.

Center-stage LED screens provide a dynamic digital medium with crisp, bright image quality to visualize the presentation for lectures and other academic presentations. Auxiliary displays targeting audience members sitting further away from the stage ensure everyone can see the show like they’re in the front row.

Academic Schools

Enhance your university’s academic undergraduate, graduate and professional school facilities with dvLED in a wide variety of ways. Use dvLED video to enhance your department lobby spaces, highlight faculty and alumni, improve wayfinding at entrances and along hallways, inform and entertain in administration waiting areas, and rejuvenate student collaboration areas, lecture halls and more.

Cafeteria/Commons Areas

Highlight menu options with dynamic, real-time updates to highlight items of the day or special promotions. Cafeterias are also great places to reach students with news on school events and updates.

Enhance the Student Experience

Universities and higher education facilities are modernizing or building new accommodations with amenities and technology upgrades to support the student experience and boost retention. From communicating upcoming events and activities while guiding new students or visitors to their destinations on campus, dvLED technology strategically placed indoors throughout campus can improve efficiency and increase school pride and confidence in your world-class learning environment.

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