Displays and Extreme Weather Events

Extreme weather events call for action – find all of the resources you need for before and after an event here.

Daktronics Control Panel on 8/19/2020

Categories: High School Sports, Pro Sports and Colleges

Extreme weather events can be scary for everyone, and preparing for upcoming weather can seem overwhelming.

As an LED display owner, it’s also important to note that displays can also be a beneficial communication tool during weather emergencies. You can display public announcements and evacuation routes to help keep order in hectic times.

When it comes to preparing your an LED display for inclement weather, you must determine whether to power-down your display or keep it running to relay information on public safety. It is important to weigh the benefits before determining the best solution. For more information, check out our preparation guide.

If you do experience damage from inclement weather, follow the steps in our Vandalism and Extreme Weather Service Guide and the Daktronics support team will be more than happy to help you.

While it is difficult to prepare for extreme weather event, know that we test our products in each of these conditions in our reliability lab. Through several processes, our displays are blasted with water form 360 angles, completely submerged in water, blasted with humid air and weight-tested to survive strong winds. By pushing our products to their breaking points, our engineers collect data and modify our products to be more durable and survive the nastiest weather conditions, even hurricanes.