4 Tips for Elevating Your Sales This Summer

With outdoor activity companies thriving, capitalize on this market growth with a digital sign. Use your LED display to pull customers through your door and sell your products and services like crazy.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge in outdoor activities. For watercraft dealers, golf courses, campgrounds, RV rentals, landscaping and hardware stores, recreational parks, and many others, sales have never been higher.

To capitalize on sales, these hot niches need the best advertising medium on the market: a digital display. LED displays are effective at both spreading messages and catching customers’ eyes. There’s no better way to trigger an impulse buy than tempting every passerby with your products and deals.

Use these 4 tips to help you maximize your revenue this summer:

  1. Display featured items & services.
    Use your digital display to show off your product offerings and services. Let your audience know what is for sale and what popular items are. Providing your customers with a visual makes the deal feel more tangible, and they are more likely to make a purchase.

    A hardware store could advertise their special deal of “buy any gardening tool, get one free” on their display. This type of content will both bring in experts and encourage new people to start a garden.
  2. Showcase your hours and regulations.
    As regulations change, let your customers know if they need a mask to enter or when you are open. Being upfront about your rules allows people to come prepared and follow your regulations.

    Golf courses and other recreational places may be operating on limited hours or have certain hours for seniors only. A digital display can easily communicate any new information that customers should know.
  3. Share multiple messages.
    Digital signage allows your store to put multiple graphics in a rotation, so the screen automatically shifts from one message to another. Our easy-to-use software also enables you to update those graphics or add new slides at a moment’s notice and schedule content to run at certain times of the day.

    Boat dealers can use LED displays to advertise the boats they have in stock, any current sales, store hours, a good boating pun, and any other messages.
  4. Stand out among your competitors.
    Between the overall visual appeal and the content of your messages, a digital sign makes choosing your facility over another a no brainer. Or, let customers know that you are the are the only vendor in town for a certain item.

    What makes a person choose one RV renter over another? A dynamic LED display might. Not only would the sign itself attract customers to your store, but sharing information and memorable messages also gives your business an edge.

If you’re interested in investing in a digital sign, view our product offering and request a free, live demonstration to see one of our signs in action on your property.