31 of 41 College Football Bowl Games Use Daktronics

This year, 29 Daktronics-equipped venues will host 31 of the 41 college football bowl games starting on December 16 and running through the championship game.

Justin Ochsner on 12/15/2017

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The regular season and conference championships are in the books. The ever-sought-after, high-profile bowl games are all that remain. Well, that and the national championship game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 8. That’s a stadium we know a little bit about – check out the webpage here.

This year, 29 Daktronics-equipped venues will host 31 of the 41 college football bowl games starting on December 16 and running through the championship game. Of those 31 games, 22 will receive on-site event support from Daktronics Professional Services. This support includes everything from pre-event checks to in-game monitoring as our technicians ensure everything is running at optimal levels for each game.

Here are images of a few of those venues:

Daktronics is no stranger to supporting high-profile sporting events. Even pro football’s biggest game has received support from our services team for more than 10 consecutive years. And if you ask our Vice President of Services, Sarah Rose, she’d tell you preparation is important.

“Our team prepares for these large events just like the teams prepare for each game they play,” said Rose. “The presence of our team gives customers peace of mind that the event will run smoothly and create an exciting, entertaining atmosphere for their fans. Not to mention maximizing the use of Daktronics products in the process.”

All three playoff games this year will feature Daktronics equipment and event support – the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and National Championship. During that final game, teams and fans will get a taste of the largest video scoreboard in the world, the Halo display at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. With more total square footage of LED displays than any sports venue in the world at more than 83,500 square feet, the stadium really is an entertainment destination.

Daktronics Creative Services team also gets in on the action for supporting these bowl games, specifically at Raymond James Stadium. The team produces digital content to make all of the LED displays come to life for the Outback Bowl. For this year’s contest, all of the content was updated and expanded to include new pieces to fit the different displays throughout the facility.

When thinking about the impact Daktronics has on all of these bowl games, Vice President of Live Events Jay Parker had this to say.

“We’re honored to have numerous venues throughout the country trust Daktronics for their high-profile events, including all of these college bowl games,” said Parker. “We work hard to provide the best solutions possible to deliver high-level productions for our customers, their teams and their fans. It’s great to see all of our hard work pay off and we’re looking forward to the upcoming exciting and entertaining bowl season, starting with the first games kicking off this weekend.”

Check out a list of all the upcoming bowl games and enjoy the action starting tomorrow!

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