2019 Student Career Night: Discover All the Opportunities

Daktronics Student Career Night is set for Thursday, 21 March, in the South Dakota State University Student Union. 



Once again, Daktronics Student Career Night is approaching! This year’s event is set for Thursday, 21 March, and will take place in the South Dakota State University Student Union.

Student Career Night provides students with an opportunity to learn about the different kinds of positions Daktronics can offer them, such as student positions, internships, seasonal temporary positions, and even full-time employment. Each year the event allows any interested student to do an initial interview with a member of our Personnel team, which can speed up the hiring process.


“Our partners at SDSU appreciate that we offer on-site interviews for students, because it is always helpful for their professional development to practice the interview process,” said Leah Brink, Daktronics HR.

Supervisor involvement is important to Student Career Night. Supervisors can sit in on candidate interviews and the hiring process can be moved through much faster. Being present to be able to interact with potential candidates and future employees helps move candidates quickly and easily through the hiring process and helps set the stage for the future.

Brink emphasized the importance of Student Career Night.

IMG_4226“The event is really important for students because we know we have a lot of different positions available for them and we know it can be kind of confusing,” she said. “Students can explore different opportunities Daktronics can provide and it gives them the ability to talk to all the right people in one room, at one time, and that’s really the beauty of the event.”

Jacob Carsten, Daktronics Accounting student, described the opportunities Daktronics has for student employees.

“It’s incredible, between the flexibility that Daktronics has with student schedules and classes, it is an awesome work environment,” he said. “I’m learning real world accounting skills, stuff I’ll actually use in the field. What you learn is completely applicable going forward into a full-time career; it’s amazing.”

Carsten went on to talk about the importance of Student Career Night.

“You can get a sense for the atmosphere of how it really is,” he explained. “You meet the people and discover all the opportunities here at Daktronics. Its not just engineering, there is so much more involved. There is business, English, anything you can think of. The wealth of opportunities at Daktronics is the best thing to learn here.”

Prizes are available for all students who attend and for the student employee who invites the most people to the event.

“We are making this event into a contest for students,” explained Michelle Jerzak, Daktronics HR student. “The student who promotes this event the most to their friends and has the most referrals from attendees who come, will win a $100 Visa card. Second place will receive a $50 Visa card and the third-place winner will receive a $50 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card.”


The goal of the event is to help students begin gaining professional experience. Inviting other students to the event brings awareness to the opportunities Daktronics provides to students.

“We would love to get as many students to come to this event, to really be able to explore,” Brink said. “We hope our existing students at Daktronics love their jobs enough to tell their friends, to tell their roommates and classmates. If you like your job, tell other students to come to this event.”

Curious about student employment at Daktronics? Visit the student employment page on our website to search open student jobs, learn about the benefits of student employment at Daktronics and some of the degree-related opportunities we have for you, and more!

ErinThis article is by Erin Smith
in Employee Communications.