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NOTE: You will need your unofficial transcript from web advisor and your semester schedule in order to complete the online application process. Your application will not be processed without this information.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Benefits of student employment at Daktronics.

  • We work in an environment of continuous change and development
  • We allow students to complete school projects with their Daktronics work
  • Many students earn intern credit for their work at Daktronics
  • Most students earn $10,000 per year
Student Opportunities 

Degree-related opportunities for college students.

Student Opportunities 

Daktronics has exciting opportunities for undergraduate students in the following areas:

  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Video
  • Support
  • Manufacturing

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College Student Employment Program

Learn how thousands of students started their professional careers by working for us part-time while attending school.

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Competitive Student Employee Pay

Daktronics believes that success in the classroom and success in the workplace are related. Toward that end, we developed a competitive student compensation program that encourages academic achievement, time-management skills, and high performance in the workplace.

Base Pay

Base pay varies based on student's major, job role, and experience. Over time, base pay increases for students who continue to develop their capabilities.

Course Increment

Daktronics provides students with a list of hundreds of courses offered at South Dakota public universities that are applicable to our student employees. Students who earn an A or a B in these courses receive a raise of $.20/hour for each class.

Student Compensation Chart