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  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: Galaxy, GalaxyPro, GPR, GP3, GP4, GS6
  • Component: Temperature Sensor
  • Control System: Content Studio, Visiconn, Venus 1500, Venus Control Suite


  • An external temperature or "temp" sensor is a device or the instrumentation equipment which is used to measure temperature. If a temperature sensor is mounted on or near your display and connected to the back of the display, then the current outside temperature for that installation can be shown on the display.
    Temp Sensor.png
  • A temperature sensor enclosure is made up of eight plastic disks, a metal mounting bracket, and a 25-foot (or longer) weather-resistant cable. In most cases, the enclosure is mounted using two screws. The cable is plugged into the back of the host display.
    Temp 1.png
    Temp 2.png
  • Temperature sensors are mounted vertically in the desired location on or near the display. A suitable location is determined during installation resulting in the temperature sensor being attached to the sign, attached to the structure of the sign, or mounted in another location supplied by the display owner.

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