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  • The Purpose of this article is to give ideas on how to incorporate RTD in all its forms onto your displays.


    • Product Family: Control System, Software
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    • Component: All Sport, DakStats, DSTI, Stat Crew, NBA IDS, NFL GSIS, DXTR, SportsWire 4000, Data Server, DMP-8000, DMP-7000, Content Studio
    • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)


    What is RTD?

    • Real Time Data (RTD) is the generic term often used at Daktronics for "live" information, such as scores and times or other game in progress information that is fed into a display controller and appears on a display as the event occurs.  Technically, RTD is just a string of text coming from a data source into Daktronics display controllers (ex: DMP-8000).  Our display controller breaks apart the incoming streams of RTD and displays it in a format that is easy and enjoyable to view.  Using RTD allows us to setup templates on the display controllers for viewing information.  As the RTD changes, the data being viewed on the display is updated automatically with no manual refreshing of the content necessary. 

    General RTD


    Media RTD

    Media RTD fields are fields that display images for RTD instead of textual data. For example, a media RTD field would display a player's headshot instead of displaying their name. This streamlines operation.



    Color RTD

    Color RTD allows the color of RTD fields to be dynamically changed based on information from the data source.  Using programs such as DSTI, the user can specify a color for specific data fields and set up the criteria to be used to dynamically change the color based on user defined conditions.  This change in color will be immediately updated on the data fields being displayed by the players. For example, the current batters name can be highlighted yellow, while all other batter names in the lineup remain white.

    File RTD

    File RTD lets us use a text file as a data source rather than some other external data source.  There are often situations where using RTD makes sense but there may be no other data source available.  The RTD text can be placed in a text file and the display controller can be setup to display and read from that text file.   As the data in the files is changed and saved, it will change on the display.  


    Content Studio

    Content Studio is a creative composition and editing tool. The software allows users to design display ready presentations with text, graphics, video and real time data.






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