Two New Digital Billboards Delivered to Mollman Outdoor from Daktronics

Versatile displays are connecting with audiences in high-traffic areas around Oklahoma

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Sept. 28, 2023 – Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota, has continued a partnership with Mollman Outdoor, an Out of Home (OOH) advertising company based in Chickasha, Oklahoma, to manufacture and deliver two new digital billboards along Highway 9 at 24th Avenue SE. The installation was recently completed in Norman, Oklahoma, and these billboards are now sharing advertiser messaging in high-profile locations for maximum impact.

“We’ve experienced a great level of success in the past few years and wanted to build upon that momentum to increase our occupancy rate by 10% over last year,” said Matthew Mollman, owner of Mollman Outdoor. “We’ve had zero complaints with our Daktronics display purchased in 2016 and it made our choice easy when looking to expand our digital billboard inventory. 

“The day the new displays went live, we received three calls from potential advertisers looking to secure advertising positions. It’s been very positive for us from the start.”

Digital Billboard Details

Mollman Outdoor received two digital billboards, each measuring 11 feet high by 22 feet wide and featuring 20-millimeter pixel spacing to deliver crisp, eye-catching visuals to passersby. The billboards are installed back-to-back in a “V” shape to appeal to each direction of traffic along the heavily traveled stretch of highway in a growing area of the city.

“We’re very excited for this installation with Mollman Outdoor, a repeat customer for Daktronics,” said Joni Schmeichel, Daktronics OOH marketing strategist. “It’s a testament to our high-quality products as well as our continued service and support when a great partner comes back to our company for another project.”

Mollman added, “Working with Daktronics on this project was very simple and within six weeks from signing the final papers, our displays were installed. Their team kept us updated on what to expect and continually followed up until the process was finalized to our satisfaction.”

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