Orange Velodrome Upgrades Visual Experience with Daktronics Displays

LED video displays build upon the live event experience for audiences

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Dec. 19, 2023 – Daktronics has partnered with Bouygues Energy Service, the technical service operator at Orange Velodrome, home of Olympique de Marseilles Football Club, in Marseille, France. Daktronics designed, manufactured and installed new LED video displays to engage and connect with audiences at live events held at the venue. These visual enhancements were installed at the end of the 2022 calendar year in time to support large upcoming sporting events and are currently operating at full capacity to inform and entertain viewers.

Both displays measure 6.72 meters high by 11.84 meters wide and feature 15-millimeter pixel spacing to deliver excellent image clarity and contrast to viewers throughout the venue. This technology features Daktronics industry-leading environmental protection to ensure the display operates as expected during every event. 

“The upgraded displays replace the existing technology to deliver greater contrast and better image quality for audiences inside Orange Velodrome,” said Alain Castelbou, Daktronics France sales manager. “We’re thrilled to partner with the venue operator and team on this upgrade that has already supported some of the largest rugby matches and will support other worldwide competitions in the coming years. The city of Marseille with Olympique de Marseille has embraced this football club and it serves as a symbol of hope for the entire community. We’re proud to play a part in that excitement.”

Daktronics has grown from the sports industry and continues to innovate and build on their storied past with new, cutting-edge technology to support live events both in the main seating area and all around the venue to connect with and engage audiences.

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