Daktronics Delivers Immersive Environment at E-Games’ VOV The Zone

Partnering with Electronic Gaming Infrastructure Company leads to walls and columns covered in 10 direct-view, high-resolution LED displays

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Oct. 4, 2022 – Daktronics has partnered with Electronic Gaming Infrastructure Company, in conjunction with Sami Trading, to manufacture and install 10 displays totaling 147 square meters of direct-view, high-resolution LED video displays for E-Games’ VOV The Zone in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The installation took place early in 2022 as the project is complete and creating an immersive environment for Esports participants and others looking to game at the location.

“The digital displays installed around the room bring The Zone to life for our players!” said The Zone Representative. “Working with Daktronics to deliver this exciting and enticing location for gaming had been a complete pleasure and we’ve received great feedback from those that have been able to experience this setting firsthand. The versatility of the technology and crisp imagery it delivers helps build an atmosphere that is nothing short of amazing.”

In total, 10 displays featuring 1.9-millimeter pixel spacings cover the walls and columns in The Zone to deliver 147 square meters of LED video display space. The main video wall display includes two concave corners as it wraps around the interior of the room at 1.03 meters high by 18.3 meters long. Three more displays mounted to the walls measure 4.12 meters high by 7.32 meters wide to deliver additional content and information. Covering the six support pillars in the room are four-sided LED displays measuring 2.06 meters high and wrapping 3.05 meters around each pillar.

These displays can work together to create an immersive gaming environment with coordinated content literally surrounding gamers as they play. The versatility of these digital displays, along with the custom control system provided by Daktronics, allows them to also work independently to show specific content in the area including results, announcements, sponsor content or other pertinent information as needed by The Zone.

“The displays bring this place to life with high-intensity content related to gaming and esports, especially the brand of VOV,” said Ahmad Dahmash, Daktronics regional director for the Middle East. “We’re proud to work with such a great team and local partner in Samir Trading to make this project a reality that impacts people immediately when they walk into The Zone.”

Daktronics offers a line of narrow pixel pitch LED displays ranging from 2.5-millimeters down to 0.7-millimeter pixel spacings. This product line brings expansive opportunities to those spaces commonly associated with LCD technology to create luxurious and immersive environments, share artistic digital content or show detailed, high-quality video.

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