We Can Boost Your Digital Display Sales. Discover How!

You’re ready to make the sale but the customer wants to try it before they buy it. No sweat, just schedule a demo!


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We’ve discovered over the years that nothing closes a sale like an onsite demo. Our customer data shows that you are 60% more likely to beat competitors when a demo is part of the sales process.

Why do onsite demos work so well?

One veteran sales person, Cody Vandeweerd, says, “Consumers are used to testing out large purchases like a car or new phone. Demos give the customer the chance to test drive a new display.”

A demo allows customers to visualize the potential of a display on their property. A demonstration also helps your customer to be comfortable with the display you’re offering. Both you and your customer can feel good about their choice and the new structure’s placement. “A demo is also a good time to upsell to a larger display or a full-color display,” says Cody.

Cory Cooper, inside sales, agrees with Cody. “Whenever I get the customer to agree to a demo with field sales staff and the sign company, the odds of a sale increase dramatically,” he says. “Based on sales results in the past, nothing more effectively shows what digital signage can do for a business than a good product demonstration.”

Success stories from the field

A demo can jump start a sale that has bogged down. A sign company had a customer who was dragging his feet, so they scheduled a demo with us. At the demo, the customer decided he wanted a larger sign. The Daktronics rep quickly modified the content, using all the demo unit’s available size.

Then the customer requested a second demo for his board members. The sign company ended up with a very nice order in a town with fewer than 1,000 residents.

A Baptist church in Sykesville, Maryland, decided to upgrade its manually changeable copy board. A church member, who is also a real estate developer, said, “The onsite demo was absolutely critical to the sale. We got everybody in a van and drove up and down the road, looking at the sign.”

A customer in Edmonton, Alberta, wanted to run high-resolution photos; the sign company suggested a 16 mm display. “The demo reassured the customer that the 16 mm would meet their needs—it showed them exactly what they’d be getting,” says the sign company.

Want a demo? It’s easy

With results like these in mind, we recently made a significant investment. We deployed state-of-the-art demo trailers equipped with our latest generation product line. One of them is available for you.

Onsite demo day

Demonstrate to the customer how a digital sign can be the most effective advertising medium available. Show them that they can promote their goods/services, as well as build brand awareness. This really makes an impact that seals the deal.

Remember that many of your customers worry about running a digital display. Here’s a perfect chance to show them how easy using the software can be. Don’t get fancy—focus on the basics: choose a background, type in a message and publish.

During the demo, point out features that give the customer confidence in the display’s reliability. Show the sealant and encapsulation of the modules and power supplies. Display the fans and talk about the importance of well-engineered ventilation.

All the help you want

It’s common for the Daktronics representative to perform the demo with the sign company. The sign company invites us or accepts our offer to provide the demo.

For a smooth presentation, Daktronics reps like to review the strategy with the sign company before the event. They discuss who will conduct the demo and who will handle questions.

Interested in an onsite demo? Request one at www.daktronics.com/livedemo