Venus Control Suite provides new opportunities for convenience store fuel pricing

Learn all about the new Fuel Price Data Kit for Convenience stores.

Daktronics Commercial Software Training on 6/8/2018

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NEW Fuel Price Data Kit

Do you display current fuel prices at your c-store? Do you have to change them quite often? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve simplified this process to help save you time and effort!

The Daktronics new Fuel Price Data Kit will allow you to display current fuel prices on your Galaxy® GS6 display(s). Even better, you can show a fuel price AND a promotional message at the same time on your LED display! Click below to learn more.

When you order your Fuel Price Data Kit, it will include a template for your fuel prices and promotions, as well as a one-on-one webinar training from our fantastic Software Training team! Here are few more of the benefits you will see:

  1. Create content quickly and efficiently.
  2. Store up to 5 fuel grades in the handheld controller.
  3. Update prices without an internet connection.
  4. Mirror price changes in the Point of Sale (PoS) using the optional interface.

Price Entry Method

Why you should invest in the Fuel Price Data Kit

Still thinking about it? Consider the following information before making your final decision. Use Daktronics to differentiate yourself from the competition!

  1. Surveys reveal that when a c-store doesn’t have outdoor pricing for diesel, E-85 or E-15, users drive right past the store. That’s because not all retailers offer these products. Customers look for a sign advertising the product before stopping to fill up.
  2. Some fuel retailers don’t have enough sign space to promote their inventory. In fact, 49% of survey respondents post only 2 commodities on the outdoor sign, 28% post 3 commodities, while only 14% run 4 or more.
  3. Besides promoting in-store items, an LED display can also be used to promote special offers. Motorists will pull in when they see a free car wash with a fuel purchase or lower prices when paid in cash.

While access to the Venus Control Suite software is not required, you will have to download Content Studio in order to use the templates to create your promotional offerings and advertisements. Click below to learn more.

We hope you find this article helpful! Be sure to reach out to your Sign Company for more information about how you can take advantage of this new offering!

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