The Biggest Football Game on the Biggest Video Scoreboard

For the 15th consecutive year, Daktronics equipment will be used for football’s biggest game.

Steve Schreiber on 2/1/2019

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For the 15th consecutive year, Daktronics equipment will be used at the host venue for football’s biggest game. This year’s championship game takes place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Mercedes-Benz Stadium features many unique and unprecedented amenities, including an integrated LED digital canvas of uniquely-shaped displays. 16 Daktronics displays combine for more than 83,500 square feet of LED that will provide fans at the game with an immersive experience that is unique, memorable and unparalleled.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with Scott Jenkins, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, ahead of the big game on Sunday. We talked with him about everything from the construction of the venue to the world’s largest LED video scoreboard to the preparations for the biggest football game of the year.

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From the unprecedented Halo display to the Mega Column display to the uniquely-shaped Feather Wall display to the club displays, Mercedes-Benz Stadium offers more LED real estate than any other stadium in the world, providing the ultimate game-day experience like nothing else available in sports.

Take a Behind-The-Scenes Tour of the integrated system:

As the most recognized video board in all of sports, the Halo board is a 61,900-square-foot elliptical-shaped engineering feat that hovers high above the field to give fans a great view from any seat. At 58 feet high by 1,075 feet in length, the 360-degree Halo board is the largest video scoreboard in the world, the length of three football fields when rolled out, and sure to provide unlimited opportunities to engage all fans throughout the big game.


It is somewhat hard to visualize and explain the sheer size and scope of the Halo display, so here are some Halo fun facts to help you envision what this game-changer in stadium technology and fan experience looks like.

Thinking outside the box of standard digital signage shapes and sizes continues throughout the stadium. As fans enter the main gate at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the big game, they will be greeted by the Mega Column and Feather Wall displays.

The Mega Column is a 101-foot tall LED display wrapping a stadium support structure. At 6,700 square feet, the Mega Column display contains more square footage than 17 other NFL teams’ main video board. Across from the Mega Column is the Feather Wall, a curved 4-millimeter, 70-foot wide tapered display.


Fans inside the club areas will be entertained by Daktronics Narrow Pixel Pitch displays. Two 2.5mm high-resolution displays are located in the North Club area and one 2.5mm display is located in the South Club area. Club and suite displays create a unique and exciting environment for visitors to watch the game in high resolution.


Mercedes-Benz Stadium also features over 3,100 linear feet of ribbon displays to surround fans with game information and engaging content.

After the game, Daktronics 2.5mm press conference display inside the Media Room will be used as the backdrop for key interviews. A growing sports broadcast trend is using LED displays as press conference backdrops instead of static canvas. LED is the preferred option because it looks great in front of TV cameras with superb color, resolution and clarity, and sponsors’ content changes seamlessly with the click of a button.


“Daktronics is in a league of their own. We selected to work with them because of their dependability known throughout the industry as well as the creativity they bring in crafting something that has never been done.” 

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Daktronics will also provide event support for the game Sunday, just as we have done for all games at the stadium. This includes pre-event checks and game-day support from our services division.

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