Implementing and Operating Show Control System Updates (version 2.13): Q&A with Angie Wilson

Angie Wilson, Daktronics Professional Services Manager, talks about Show Control updates and new performance-enhancing features you can expect in software update version 2.13. Angie provides insight into not only what is new in this update but also how it affects personnel operating a show.

Daktronics Control Panel on 2/4/2019

Categories: Pro Sports and Colleges

Angie Wilson.

What is the importance behind continuously updating software?

With our increased velocity within engineering we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of new features that we have added to our control systems, many of these updates releasing every 6 weeks; most recently, version 2.13 including new data effects. As arena and stadium venues continue to compete with TV broadcasts, the quality of the shows that we are producing need to rival what fans are seeing on TV. Scores on TV are rolling, flipping and flashing, and now with Data Effects we are replicating that as a standard function in any display being outputted to.

Is the new 2.13 version easy to implement and update?

To gain access to Data Effects, all you have to do is update your software to version 2.13 and add in Data Effects. Scheduling updates on the software is very easy as well. We have provided customers with a link to register for automatic updates at any time that best meets your needs, so you can continue to move forward with our software.

Can these effects be outputted to any display in the arena?

Anything that we can output to, even if it is not one of our displays, can show these effects. Any display that can receive output from our Show Control System is capable.

What data effects and control features are included in version 2.13?

All standard transitions that we would see on any type of show are available, such as data rolling, flipping, scrolling, scores flashing yellow, red or whichever color you would like.

These effects can also be applied to any data that is filtering through the Daktronics system, not just game-in-progress information. It can be live fantasy football scores, live out-of-town scores, anything that is coming into the Daktronics system. If the data is updating live to us, the data will flash when it updates. These animations draw attention to that area, but it is also aesthetically pleasing to the fans and customers rather than just a change in a number, whether it fades, scrolls, flips or something else. Within the fades and scrolls and others, all directions of those can be changed as well.

Control updates include Zone Visibility which allows us to show and hide any type of zone on our output. If you have content that covers up a playlist of ads or content that is underneath that playlist, this prevents you from restarting that ad loop. This feature was a result of our sales reps gathering feedback from customers on site to ultimately create a better show.

As we continue to try to push the limits of our control system, we have added a lot features of user interface for our audio system. Options such as audio indicators, associate different audio clips from video clips and more to allow the user to be more flexible.

We have also added additional functionality to our trigger widget which focuses on different types of protocol that allow us to work with other companies and the protocol that they use. 

How does this effect personnel operating a show?

One person can do more with our equipment being more versatile. The size of staffing varies on the size of each show and the stadium capacity along with other equipment in the control room. A big show can have 20-40 people down to a single person for a small show. These audio features really add value to our control system to deal with various staff sizes to be scalable and very flexible. This helps in our customer base whether it is a high school or professional facility. Each of these different levels also have ranging budgets. However, any customer that has the most recent version of the latest software can have all of these features for free.

How can one learn more on how to use these new features?

You can find more “How-To” videos to learn about using these features on our YouTube channel.