Seven ways digital signs can keep you connected

Daktronics provides seven ways digital LED signs can help financial institutions communicate and connect with their customers.


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Communication is crucial for financial institutions. As people increase their use of digital and online banking, keeping a personal connection is more important than ever.

You may be using social media, email and traditional advertising to communicate your services and hours of business. But are you reaching people every day as they pass by your branch(es)? Digital LED signs are a proven way to keep in touch with customers and potential customers.

Here are 7 ways you can use digital signs to stay connected and even expand your reach:

  1. Provide up-to-date information. Have your drive-thru hours changed? When is your lobby open? How about those mortgage rates? Your digital sign is a simple and effective way to let people know exactly what’s going on.
  2. Make an emotional connection. Whether you sponsor events, provide scholarships, or want to recognize personal achievements, let people know you care and that you want to make a difference in the community.
  3. Introduce your staff. Customers who feel personally connected to the people at your bank or credit union are more likely to continue doing business there. It’s good to get your staff’s names and faces in front of your customers. 
  4. Engage and entertain customers. An indoor digital sign is an excellent way to reduce perceived wait time. Draw their eyes with information, moving art, or entertaining content. When they’re watching the screen, customers won’t be looking at their watches.
  5.  Highlight your differences. What makes your business different than anyone else in town? Do you specialize in customer service? Are your rates super competitive? Do you have more ATMs than anyone else? A digital sign is the ideal place to let customers know what separates you from the competition.
  6. Show helpful information. Make your sign the place people look for weather information or alerts, quick headlines or Amber Alerts.
  7. Amplify your advertising. Drive your messaging home. No matter what media you use, a digital sign can reiterate from other media home on your digital sign. People need to see or hear your message 15 to 20 times before it really sinks in. An LED sign does that job well.

Daktronics has been working with financial institutions for more than 30 years. We would love to show you how digital LED signs from Daktronics can help you connect with the people in your community.

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