2 Big Steps to Preparing Your System for Events

Don’t wait until the last minute to fire up your display system. Prepare early with these tips.

Daktronics Control Panel on 9/18/2020

Categories: Pro Sports and Colleges

As sports seasons are beginning to start back up and venues begin to open, make sure your display system is prepared well in advance. Daktronics customers have the option to maintain Extended Service Agreements that include Daktronics-provided System Checks and Pre-Event Checks in which a specific support checklist is completed.  If Daktronics resources do not typically assist with either of the above, we suggest the following items to be considered prior to your events


At least two weeks prior to your first event, take the following steps:

Visual Inspection – For your video, fixed digit and audio systems, visually inspect each system for signs of seasonal damage or loose wires. Listen for any damage, such as a non-functioning cooling fan. If your audio system is a point source system, access the inside to ensure no critters have made their way in during the off-season and clean any filters, if necessary.

System Check Overview – Review Product Maintenance Guides regularly to guarantee you’re taking proper care of your displays.


At least one week prior to your first event, take the following steps:

Power on your control system – Often the startup and shutdown procedures are documented in your service agreement or provided by a trainer. If you do not have that document handy, sample guides and video of the procedures can be found in this article: What is the proper rack start up procedure?

Listen for any excessive grinding noises when starting up and shutting down your computers. Listen for any other unusual beeping noises coming from the racks. This may originate from the Universal Power Supply (UPS) or a computer raid drive.

Perform a computer check Perform a basic computer check by doing the following:

  • Check the Event Viewer for any application, security and system errors.
  • Follow the instructions in How to maintain or optimize my Daktronics computer? for advice on antivirus software, firewalls and windows updates.
  • Confirm that the systems network is functioning properly. Ensure you are able to see and transfer files to other computers on the network.
  • Check individual drive status on each computer.
  • Verify that the external connectors are secured (computer ports, network cables, KVM connections, etc.).


  • Delete old content, scripts, buttons or pages that are not used anymore, or back them up to an external hard drive for later use.
  • If the system contains a primary and backup computer, verify the sync program is functioning properly.
  • Verify video image processor communication and that all settings and configurations have been backed up.

If you have additional questions or concerns, reach out to us through your Daktronics MySupport account by creating a new service case.