Preparing Your Control System for Baseball

The MLB season is starting! Make sure your control system is ready.

Daktronics Control Panel on 6/24/2020

Categories: Pro Sports and Colleges

When it comes to preparing your control system for the first pitch, here are a few items you may want to consider.

Firing up your control system – 
Powering on your control system and performing a basic computer check are important to complete well before opening day. Recommendations to assist you with this process can be found here.

Preparing your stats system – 
Many stat packages will need to be licensed for the upcoming year and our Account Service Managers are actively scheduling times to assist with these updates. Contact us if you need assistance.

Run a practice game – 
Running a practice game in DakStats is a great way to ensure you are prepared. Previous games can be downloaded through your Game Day Baseball application by simply changing the download date. While you may not have all of the information you need to run a full game, this will allow you to verify that data is coming into your system.

What’s new for the 2020 season – 
Data Studio Baseball automatically delivers player, team and game statistics directly from MLBAM eliminating the need for a separate stats operator, saving money on staffing and control room front counter space, and reducing software applications For more information on this and other updates to Game Day Baseball and Content Studio 2.0, check out our What’s New document.

Additionally, for teams looking to interface with Hawk-Eye Pitch Tracking this season, no changes are necessary for MLB teams as MLBAM is delivering the endpoint and data. View this Knowledge Base article for more information.

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