Outside the Box: Innovative Digital Billboard Frames

Around a decade ago, digital billboards ignited the out-of-home industry. Because they’re so lucrative, installations and conversions continue at a fast pace.


Categories: Out of Home Advertising

Customers today want an advertising platform that’ll stand out in a sea of signs and deliver their brands and messages to their audience as intended. Digital displays that provide exceptional lifetime image quality and outstanding graphics are crucial. But now, even digital billboard frames are transitioning from conventional rectangles on a stick to highly innovative landmarks.

Frames with impact

We’re seeing an effective change from the traditional landscape frame by simply tipping the billboard from horizontal to vertical.


It’s unexpected and fresh. Another London structure, The Fin features triangular design elements that give the eye even more to enjoy.

Add some curves

Some installations include a traditional rectangle but add curves to make a dramatic statement hard to overlook. Mounted on a glass semi-circle flanked by towers, this display at El Corte Ingles Lisboa is incorporated into the overall architecture to create a monumental main entrance. The Salford Arch gracefully spans a freeway while dramatically framing the billboard.


Aesthetic structures

Other examples pushing the envelope include an airport installation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It seems to surge forward on its slanted pole and aerodynamic ornamental cladding. Another London installation, The Kensington, features a curved video display, framed by a curved double-ribbon stainless steel design. Zaha Hadid Architects was commissioned to design the site which is located on along the key route linking central London and Heathrow Airport.



We hope more billboard owners will be inspired by these European trends and discover innovative ways to capture the front-door audience. It’s a flexible medium that can provide our customers the wow factor, maximized visibility and a brilliant complement to existing spaces.

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