From the Student’s Perspective

We often hear straight from the teachers what students are doing in the classroom. This time, however, we had the chance to ask Platte Valley student Kyle Ley what a day in the life of video production with the video display is like.


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As a sophomore, Kyle Ley took on a pretty hefty title.

Q: What is your role on game day?

Kyle: I am the head director of our media club, PVHS LIVE, at Platte Valley High School, and I oversee the broadcast as well as the game-day production of the Daktronics display and controller.

Q: How does this class differ from your other classes?

Kyle: This is a self-taught learning experience for me. I have learned to do just about everything on my own by getting to experiment with the programs used to run our video display.

The guidelines for the class are open ended because the only thing I feel can hold you back is your imagination. I’m able to work on my own schedule, so I feel I can accomplish so many more tasks than having to follow an agenda in a normal class.


Q: How many hours do you usually commit?

Kyle: My involvement is both in the club and a class that I’m a part of. I usually commit anywhere from 10-15 hours each week. The in-class time is about 2 hours each day and outside of class is about 4-5 hours.

Q: What is your favorite experience with this class so far?

I was able to plan our Pep Rally during homecoming week! I created all of the graphics and videos and put them in order to display the best show for the district.

It’s a great experience whenever  parents come up to me and tell me that it was great and awesome job.

Q: What opportunities would you like to see added to this class?

I’d like to be able to make a newscast out of this whole media club that will eventually lead to a production every week across the district.


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