New partnership leads to mutually beneficial digital billboard

The Town of Camillus partnered with Park Outdoor to create a new landmark – a Daktronics digital billboard with a traditionally crafted façade.


Categories: Out of Home Advertising

Camillus, NY, and media company Park Outdoor Advertising are coming together to create a landmark that combines the latest technology and traditionally crafted facade. The new digital billboard, manufactured by Daktronics, replaces a static billboard that was owned by the Town of Camillus. 

Park Outdoor is not new to the digital scene, with more than 30 digitals in their inventory, but their approach to community partnerships sets them apart. The land the display rests on belongs to Camillus, and the billboard itself is owned and operated by Park Outdoor. Park is leasing the land and providing a way for the town to get messaging out to the community.   

Dave Callahan Is the 6th Ward Councilman, Deputy Supervisor and Finance Chairman for the Town of Camillus. He says they inherited the old static billboard from a mall. They tried to lease it to earn some income for the town of about 25,000 people, but collecting the rent was challenging. 

“It was a blank board for a while,” Callahan says. “We leased it on an annual basis, which is expensive for individual businesses. Park Outdoor approached us about the lease. They are a very professional outfit to work with, and their billboard will save us the hassle of collecting rent every month. Now we have a steady income, and a long-term relationship with Park Outdoor.” 

“We were able to take a dormant municipal parcel and help turn it into an aesthetically pleasing digital sign that will help the town get messaging out to residents, as well as providing a dynamic advertising opportunity for local businesses,” says Steve Frank, Regional Leasing & Development for Park Outdoor Advertising. 

Finding the right place 

The location of the billboard needed to be adjusted. There was an obstruction covering part of the old static sign, so Park Outdoor completed a survey to ensure readability. 

“It will look even better than the original plan,” says Frank. “Once the survey was complete, we decided on a little sliver of land by the roadway. It’s right outside the Village of Camillus, which is an ideal, prime location with heavy stop traffic.” 

Building relationships 

This was Park Outdoor’s first project in the Town of Camillus, and both parties are very happy with the arrangement. As an added benefit, Park Outdoor also placed a welcome sign nearby. 

Callahan says the Town of Camillus doesn’t enter professional relationships lightly. “We go into business relationships carefully,” he explains. “We expect this to be a long-term partnership.”