Hats off to the Grads – Celebrating the Class of 2020 with Digital Technology

Honor the Class of 2020 with digital display technology.


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Social media is full of messages dedicated to the class of 2020 – recognizing the high school and college students who now face graduation without the traditional pomp and circumstance. As parents and administrators search for ways to make special memories of the events they’re missing, we in their community can celebrate them in creative ways. Here are a few ways to use your LED display or billboard to can create good will or generate interest from the seniors within the Class of 2020.

  1. Community Events
    • Light up the Night – turn on high school or university stadium lights, scoreboard and videoboards for the Class of 2020. Step it up a notch by creating a slideshow on the video display so people can park their cars and watch.
    • Cruising – hit the streets for some social distance cruising, putting signs on cars to recognize seniors. Business owners can salute those driving or offer specials for those participating in the event by using their LED sign.
    • High school senior discount night – local businesses can offer a “senior discount night,” promoted on their LED sign and social media. For example, a drive-thru can give seniors 10% off for a day. Businesses that aren’t open can send out discount cards for future purchases. Students that shared your business promotions on social media could also qualify for additional discounts or prizes.
  2. Senior Skip Day 
    • Movie theaters can highlight a senior special on both social media and their LED display to use when the time is right for their community; schools can promote a tele-gathering over social media, and restaurants or businesses can offer deals on snacks.
  3. Scholarship Recognition
    • Give scholars the recognition they deserve through highlighting their achievements in a variety of mediums, LED displays, digital billboards, social media, letters, or in the press.
  4. Graduation Ceremonies
    • Consider holding a graduation drive-in, because with the concert industry on hold, many audio/video companies have time and equipment to dedicate to students.
    • Parents of graduates could consider purchasing digital billboard ad space. Without an open house, they are looking for ways to recognize their seniors, and may consider reallocating the expense in favor of other methods that honor students.
    • Billboards could sell sponsorships to businesses or organizations in support of the class of 2020. If you have digital billboards in your area, reach out to OOH company and request a sponsorship package to highlight your community’s seniors.
  5. School Marquees
    • Schools can honor seniors by showing their plans, their achievements or their scholarships.

However you choose to honor the Class of 2020, this group of seniors are one for the history books. Daktronics has free LED display content packages available to recognize the Class of 2020 on the website.