Daktronics Thanks Andrea Warne for 15 Years of Dedicated Service

Andrea came to Daktronics fresh out of high school, gaining experience and developing her skills which lead to her current role.



Warne_Andrea_07064When Andrea started at Daktronics, she had just graduated high school and was quickly given various tasks, gaining experience right away. She helped with everything from entering contact information to entering Glovia and order information. She recognizes the growth in the company and has seen the change to more specialized jobs since when she was hired.

Now, Andrea is an IT sales program manager responsible for overseeing software applications that Sales uses. Her time is spent working with vendors, analyzing technology that would help support sales processes, and working with business sales leadership on prioritizing projects teams take on.

Project Phoenix was a recent project Andrea was part of and it stands to be a memorable one. She worked on it for over a year and a half and although pulling it a couple times was a possibility, Andrea says she and the team powered through. The work was worth it as the project had a large impact on High Consistency Sales and the results were substantial for quote turn around.

Andrea says the people she works with are the most enjoyable part of the job. She has the opportunity to work and make connections with people throughout the company. She recognizes the importance of those relationships on both a personal and professional level.

“In the job I have now, it is very important to know people,” Andrea said. “It is a life skill you learn very young—how to get along with people and better understand them and work together as a team. It is a big piece in the job force.”

Andrea’s supervisor, Kris Weinand, is appreciative of Andrea’s dedication and knowledge she brings to the team.

“Andrea does a great job working on initiatives that support the Sales areas; from working with an individual to get a business case documented, a team on projects being worked on, to meeting with the sales governance group on gaining a shared understanding of an initiative for consideration,” Kris said. “Andrea also does a nice job of keeping the enterprise view in the forefront of initiative discussion, making sure there is an understanding of the impact to the whole value stream. Andrea works hard to get commitment from sales leaders, so that initiatives can move forward and enabling continued progress on improvements to the sales processes. I want to thank her for her commitment to the Sales program and those who work in it.”

Andrea received a bachelor’s degree in business economics from South Dakota State University and an MBA from the University of South Dakota. She lives in Volga, South Dakota, with her husband, Jordan, and their three children.

Outside of work, Andrea enjoys outdoor activities such as running, golfing with her friends, and spending days at the lake with her family.

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