Daktronics All Sport Pro Update Simplifies Penalty Adjustments

Daktronics is looking out for football board operators with the latest feature in All Sport Pro. Now it’s easier than ever to change yardage due to penalties, without affecting downs.


Categories: High School Sports

If you operate your football video scoreboard with All Sport Pro, you can take advantage of the latest improvements this season.

First, Daktronics added a Penalty slider, so when a penalty flag is thrown and there’s a change in yardage, you can make the adjustment without the downs being affected.

Here’s how it works.

Second, we made the Ball/Down/To Go increment buttons 38% larger for simpler viewing and control. This will especially help operators who control their video boards from a smart tablet.

Take advantage of the latest updates on your All Sport Pro

Call in to the customer support desk (1-800-DAKTRONICS) to update your All Sport Pro to start using these features – and have a winning season!