Building on Image: Crafted for Distinction

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Categories: Out of Home Advertising

Our digital billboards have been developed and adapted to deliver the highest quality image in the most effective way. Targeted LEDs direct your customer’s message toward the audience without wasting energy projecting somewhere else.

Right on Target

Daktronics digital billboards are easy to view as cars pass the sign. By designing our LEDs to target the light output toward the viewer instead of upward, we maximize the impact of the ad while maximizing efficiency. The display doesn’t waste light projecting toward the sky. This means there’s less light pollution and less energy used.

Our louver design is unique. We angle our louvers down toward the consumer more than other display manufacturers. This angle provides the perfect amount of shade on the LEDs to direct the highest quality image right at the audience. The louvers are also painted with a matte black coating, which increases image quality with whiter whites, blacker blacks and colors that pop.

Easy on the Eyes

Our modules with targeted LEDs also allow the audience member to view the display while still being able to focus on the road. The optimal viewing angle, from 0 to 60 degrees, makes reading the sign content quick and easy for the viewer.

You know when you see striking imagery. Daktronics uses targeted LEDs in every digital billboard so there’s zero tilting, affording the best view of the display from your angle. Not too high, not too low, just right – clearly.

Neighborhood Friendly

By optimizing light output we allow every viewer to experience advertising the way it was intended, all while addressing regulatory concerns and reducing light pollution. No additional hardware or special brightness settings are required, Daktronics digital billboards are designed to be neighborhood friendly.

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What’s your display IQ? Take our quiz at to see if you’re an image quality expert. Daktronics has spent 50 years perfecting our display IQ to provide you with the best display options.