Bringing the Daktronics Logo to LEGO Life

For Kristopher Shrewsberry, building with LEGO® bricks is a serious hobby.



​For Kristopher Shrewsberry, a process technician in Electronic Assembly, building with LEGO® bricks is a serious hobby. He enjoys designing and creating different objects out of the bricks, and within his house, both he and his wife have built shelves to accommodate their LEGO creations.

Shrewsberry’s love for LEGOs is not only a home hobby. Near his work desk is a shelf with a few unique LEGO creations, with one standing out in particular: A 50th Anniversary Daktronics logo.

Shrewsberry got the inspiration from being at work and around his co-workers. He said people at work often refer to the “D” logo, and he then came up with the “‘D’ LEGO,” and decided his idea of the “‘D’ LEGO” could be a good project for him.

Making this logo was no easy task. Shrewsberry constructed the Daktronics logo out of about 230 bricks, and later added the anniversary part of it when that logo was released. The logo is made up of about 400 bricks in total and took approximately eight hours to design and construct. He also created sports balls and a Daktronics name block.

2-Dak D 50th with Sports

Shrewsberry wanted the logo to be precise and accurate, which took some extra planning and care.

“I took an image of the logo and overlaid it on a grid to make sure it was perfect in every way,” he said.

Shrewsberry said Daktronics has always been a good place for him to work, and he has had many positive experiences working here.

He has been at Daktronics for 17 years and has been involved in many different areas of the company including the Repair Center, Field Service, Sales, Customer Service, and now in Electronic Assembly. He has worked both in the Great Lakes region and at the corporate office in Brookings, South Dakota.

Shrewsberry’s creation is temporarily on display in the Daktronics Museum in the lobby of our corporate headquarters. Join us on Wednesday, September 5, 2018, from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m., for our 50th Anniversary Open House for public tours of our campus (available from 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.) and to see the LEGO logo in person. Our “Daktronics Day” celebration will include special guests South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard and Brookings Mayor Keith W. Corbett. There will also be photo opportunities with Daktronics’ founders Dr. Al Kurtenbach and Dr. Duane Sander, plus various activities.

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