Are You Ready to Succeed in the Out of Home Industry of the Future?

The OAAA convention was exhilarating! OOH media owners need to be ready for the coming unprecedented customer demand.


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The future state of the industry excited us and all other attendees of the 2019 OAAA convention. OOH currently receives about 4% of the overall ad spend. As we look to significant growth soon, how will you secure your place?

These amazing numbers reflect how advertising has evolved from static signage to delivering real-time, hyper-personalized, interactive content. Customers consume advertising and information at every point of their out-of-home journey.

For example, you may see an ad on a digital billboard on your way from work. Upon parking and entering the store, you find more information on a street furniture display. Meanwhile, your phone registers that you stopped at the gym and offers appropriate items when you stop for coffee.

Most people live in an urban environment. By 2020, 70% of the population will live in cities. From our perspective, this means that OOH media owners should be ready to deploy their inventory to support growing ad demand in these urban environments.

This is where Daktronics comes in.

We offer the products that engage and entertain today’s prospective customers. See our displays at campuses, downtown areas, retail establishments, different work environments and airports.

It’s not just digital billboards flipping ads anymore. Ad dollars will go to those prepared and ready to sell:

With our support, earn your share in this booming industry. We engineer and build our displays to deliver the personalized and attractive content customers demand.

Beyond our extensive product offering, we offer you support from our experts in ad sales strategies, regulatory, creative consulting and more.

Take advantage of our products and support to own your future in out of home!