How do I maintain or optimize my Daktronics computer?


  • How do I maintain or optimize my Daktronics computer?


  • Product Family: Digital Media Players, Video Processors​, DSTI, Show Control
  • Productcomputers
  • Components: DMP-7000, DMP-8000, Show Control, Venus Control Suite, Venus 1500, DSTI
  • Control System

Routine Maintenance


  • Maintaining anti-virus and anti-spyware software on control, timing and scoring system computers may help avoid malfunctions and security concerns. This software should be kept up-to-date with current virus and spyware definitions and a full system scan should be performed on at least a weekly basis.
  • For more on approved anti-virus software, see: What anti-virus software is recommended or supported on Daktronics supplied computers?


  • It is critical that the firewall settings on any computer in your digital sign network are not changed after they are configured during installation. Incorrect firewall settings may cause malfunctions including, but not limited to, the inability of user stations to communicate with player computers or displays.


  • Install high-priority Windows updates (not recommended: hardware driver updates).
  • For DMP-7000, DMP-8000, and Show Control Updates, please consult Daktronics Technical Support.

Backup Procedures


  • Daktronics control systems are for display operations only.  The following can adversely affect the operation of these control systems:
    • checking personal email
    • browsing the web
    • downloading files or installing unauthorized applications
    • instant messaging
    • playing games, etc.
  • Additionally, Daktronics recommends not installing the control system on Windows® domains, as domain policies can adversely affect the performance of the control system. 

KB ID: DD2147967

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