How to Create Media RTD for Basketball Double Bonus (2-shot) Indicators?


  • How do you create MediaRTD Double Bonus (2-shot) Indicators in Content Studio? (Basketball)


  • Product Family:  Control System, Software
  • Product:
  • Components: All Sport, DMP-7000, DMP-8000, Content Studio
  • Control System:  Show Control System (SCS)


Note: The RTD stream that indicates a double bonus from the All Sport is a "< or >". Windows OS does not allow "<" or ">" for file names so media RTD images can not be saved in the MediaRTD folder with this nomenclature . There are no other Double Bonus (2-shot) RTD text fields to source the data from (as there is a "BONUS" text field for 1-on-1 Bonus Indicator). Because there isn't a true double bonus RTD field, team fouls have to be used when you want Media RTD to indicate that a team is in the double bonus.

  1. Use the Home/Guest Team Fouls field in content studio to display Media RTD for Double Bonus (2-shot)
  2. As of the 2019-2020 Season: 
    1. NBA, name the Double Bonus (2-shot) file as "5"
    2. Men's NCAA, name the Double Bonus (2-shot) file as "10"
    3. Women's NCAA, name the Double Bonus (2-shot) file as "5"
    4. High School, name the Double Bonus (2-shot) file as "10"
    5. If not successful with the above, check the league rule book for proper Double Bonus (2-shot) and verify the All Sport's settings match
      Always check the league's current rule book and verify the All Sport is set accordingly

Note: The Stats Operator or All Sport operator will need to keep track of Team Fouls count.  Pressing the All Sport's [BONUS] key twice to show the HOME BONUS 2 SHOT or GUEST BONUS 2 SHOT on a fixed digit scoreboard will not trigger Double Bonus (2-shot) Media RTD.

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