DXTR will not open, unknown error.

Potential Symptoms

  • DXTR throws unhandled exception/unknown error when trying to start it.
  • DXTR log (c:/programdata/daktronics/dxtr) shows "Unhandled exception. The type initializer for 'Daktronics.Sports.DXTR.Properties.Settings' threw an exception.. Root element is missing. (C:\Users\V7000\AppData\Local\Daktronics,_Inc...".


  • Product Family: Dakstats
  • Product: DXTR
  • Component: DXTR
  • Control System:


  • Old version folders causing new version to not generate its own folder (e.g. 1.2.7 has a 1.2.6 folder).


  • Move or delete old folders.
    • When DXTR is launched it will generate a folder for its current version.
  • Reconfigure input/output settings.

KB ID: DD4309143

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