TNMC not lighting; Insufficient output voltage from power supply for preceding driver

Potential Symptoms

  • TNMC not lighting.
  • May observe periodic blanking of TNMC.
  • Getting proper 10-14 vDC input signal voltage to TNMC driver but output signal (re-drive) voltage measures too low (i.e. 5vDC).
  • If driver feeding blanking TNMC driver is swapped with a working driver, output signal voltage is unchanged.
  • Power supply is rated for output of  (3 - 6.5vDC) and is measuring output of 3vDC at lower end of output rating.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Scoreboard with Electronic Captions or Team Name Message Centers (TNMCs)
  • Component: Driver signal voltage re-drive
  • Control System:


  • Insufficient output voltage from power supply to the driver feeding the blank TNMC.
    • Resulting in inability to re-drive strong enough signal voltage for the next driver.


  • Replace power supply.

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