How to setup a Buffalo TeraStation NAS


  • How do I setup a Buffalo TeraStation NAS?


  • Product Family: External hard drive
  • Product: A-2767, Buffalo TeraStation III
  • Components: 
  • Control System: Show Control, Live Clips, Studio One


Note, backing up the entire content folder may take a long time for venus with a lot of content.   It is advised to keep a copy of the content on the original source and backup vmpfs created to an external drive. 

  1. Map the SAMBA share that has already been set up in the Buffalo NAS software.
  2. Right click Network and select map network drive.
  3. Choose an available drive letter using the dropdown, then select the share folder under the computer beginning with "TS" (TeraStation) and hit OK.
  4. Then create a folder within this share folder with the same name as the computer you just mapped the network drive to.
  5. Create a new profile within the Syncback program. Your source will be the content folder on the 8000 and your destination will the folder you just created in the TeraStation share folder (Ex: \\TS1400R8AF\share\D8Main-B Content). Use DD2263457 to assist with setting this up.
    See:How do I backup my content files for a DMP-8000? for specific file types to sync for 8000's.
  6. Do this for each DMP computer in the system.

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