How do I display player metrics data using Daktronics Statcast Player Metrics Interface?


  • How do I display player metrics data using Daktronics Statcast Player Metrics Interface?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: Statcast Player Metrics Interface
  • Components: Data Server
  • Control System: Professional Baseball
Why use this?​
This Statcast Player metrics technology captures advanced information such: how fast a player ran, acceleration, route efficiency, etc.  The player Metrix application allows operators select and save the data from exciting plays that can be displayed during for upcoming production moments.  For example, this information could be saved and used for a replay during an inning break or during the next time the player is up to bat.  A detailed explanation of the available stats can be found at:


2. Review data as it enters the application.  Things to note: 

    • Anything in light green indicates the most recent data sent by Statcast.  Darker green items indicates data that has not updated yet.
    • The data will populate around 15 seconds after the play has occurred. 

3. Save your stats by putting them On Deck.  Things to note: 

2. Outputting Stats

1.  Click on cells in the On Deck section, they show up in the output section

2.  Click Send Output to send all stats in the Output section out as RTD. 

3.  Play content that matches your selected RTD outputs.  See: How to create content to display Player Metrics?      

4. Clear any unused cells.

  • Right-click on that cell and that stat will disappear. All other stats will shift to the left when stats are removed. You can also simply clear all the stats in On Deck by selecting Clear.​​

Check this video below for a demo of the interface.  Note, this video may not reflect some of the options in the latest version.


KB ID: DD3879421

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