How do I update Show Control?


  • How do I update my Show Control?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Show Control System, Display Studio 
  • Components:
  • Control System:


Interested in an update?  Show Control updates are done with the assistance of Professional Services.  If you want assistance with adding new elements to your show, visit our Professional Services Site to submit your contact information.

Step 1: Check update compatibility: 

Step 2: ​How to back up your database prior to an update.  

Step 3: A technician will update your Show Control firmware.

Step 4: After the update, a click through license agreement will be visible. (versions or later)

  1. After an update a blue banner with links to the Daktronics License and Data Privacy agreements.  
  2. End users can select the links to view the agreements. 
  3. Accept the terms to remove the notification.  

click through user agreement.jpg

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​The above article outlines how to implement an enhanced feature. If you want assistance with adding new elements to your show, visit our Professional Services Site to submit your contact information.

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