How do I use the volume control widget in Display Studio?


  • How to use the volume control or audio widget in Display Studio?


  • Product Family: Video Software and Controllers
  • Product: Show Control version 2.5 or later
  • Components: Display Studio widget
  • Control System: 

The volume control widget allows adjustments to volume levels when audio which accompanies your displays’ content. This widget may be used to adjust each of your displays individually, or it may be used to adjust multiple, or all, of your displays at once. For those using volume from their players, the volume control widget should be installed along the bottom toolbar of Display Studio. 


1. Click on the arrows to expand the widget.

audio widget.gif 

2. Scroll through the list of players and adjust the volume levels with the toggle bar. 

3. Mute the player by clicking on the mute icon. 

To change multiple players at one time

1. Select all devices. 

2. Then adjust volume levels, mute or unmute.

volume control.png 

Use the controls to adjust the volume level for your displays. In the Individual Display(s) box, you may adjust the volume level of each display individually and/or place checkmarks in the checkboxes of the displays over which you want to have common control when the widget is minimized. In the Selected Display(s) box, the control will adjust any display(s) which have been selected.

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