How to configure a tiled ribbon in Adobe After Effects


  • How to configure a tiled ribbon in Adobe After Effects?


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Create a tiled ribbon

1. In Adobe After Effects, create a composition of the final ribbon size.

 Creating Seamless_1.bmp

2. Determine what number your final composition width is divisible by to give you the desired tile size. (Must be whole numbers.)

3. Create a new composition with a width equal to your final composition size divided by the number of divisions you chose. You can enter this equation into the comp width value area and let After Effects do the math. (include the size in the comp name for convenience)  The example below is divide by 4,  so the tiled comp will be 2000x100)

Creating Seamless_2.bmp 

4. Import your tiled comp into the final comp.

5. With your tiled comp selected, hit "p" for position and enter "the tileable comp width / 2". This should position your tiled composition at the front of the final composition.  The example shows the starting position was 2000/2=1000. 

Creating Seamless_3.bmp

6. Duplicate the tiled comp layer. Hit "p" for position and enter "your final comp width minus half of your tiled comp width". Include the width in the comp names to make these values easy to locate.  In this example, x position was 8000-1000=7000.

Creating Seamless_4.bmp
7. Next, duplicate your tiled composition layer to achieve the total number of copies you’ll need. In this example two more duplicates are made for a total of 4 Tiled Comp layers.
8. Select all your tiled comps then choose the window – align palette. Inside the align palette choose "horizontal center distribution" from the "Distribute Layers" section. (next to last icon on bottom row)

Creating Seamless_5.bmp 

Finished! Now you have a final composition with perfectly distributed tiled compositions within it.

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