How to upload firmware on a Data Display PCB 236, PCB 237, or PCB 195


  • How do I upload firmware on an AF-6700.
  • How do I load messages onto a AF-6700.
  • How do I load fonts onto a AF-6700.
  • How do I load a config file to an AF-6700.


  • Product Family: Data Display Signs
  • Product: DAK IRELAND / Data Display Legacy
  • Component: PCB236/7, PCB 195
  • Control System: DVS; DDX Modal


  1. Download and run the DMS utility. DMS Code Uploader Utility
  2. Disconnect from any other networks you may be connected to, and close DVS if it is running.
  3. Enter a Location Name
  4. Select Add Displays.
  5. In the new window, Select Add Display
  6. Make sure pixel height and width are set correctly
  7. Put the file you wish to upload into the correct position.  Example below.
  8. Select Done.
  9. Select Add
  10. Right click on the newly created display and select Edit.
  11. Enter controller address (default 0A)
  12. Enter the IP of the display being updated
  13. Select Done.
  14. Right click on the display again and hit connect.
  15. If you have successfully connected, you will be able to right click again and select Upload Firmware.
  16. Check the file you wish to send and select upload.


You can update multiple displays at once by selecting File and then Sequential upload.


KB ID: DD3661798

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