Unable to access a Sierra Wireless modem's interface using SSL or HTTPS, modem firmware outdated


  • When trying to use SSL (HTTPS) to access a Sierra Wireless modem's configuration page, receiving one of the following errors:
    • Internet Explorer: This page can't be displayed.  Turn on TLS 1.0, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced Settings and try connecting to address again.
    • Chrome: This Site can't provide a secure connection. Address uses an unsupported protocol.
    • Firefox: Secure Connection Failed.  An error occurred during a connection to address.  Cannot communicate securely with peer


  • Sierra Wireless Modem with ALEOS 4.3.5 or earlier firmware


  • Firmware and SSL security outdated.


  • Update the modem firmware to the current version by following How to update firmware on a Sierra Wireless modem, DD3643150.
    • Two options exist to connect to the modem and get the firmware updated:
      1. Use the HTTP to connect to the modem, for example, http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:9191 to update the firmware.
      2. Temporally enable the needed SSL and TLS certificates to enable SSL connection.
        1. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, and select Internet Options.
        2. Select the Advanced tab and scroll to the bottom of the list.
        3. Make note of the currently check boxes next to the SSL and TLS options.
        4. Check all of the boxes next to SSL and TLS and click Apply.
        5. Refresh the connection to the modem, it should now let you through.
        6. After the firmware is updated, be sure to go back into your Internet Options and undo any changes you made.

KB ID: DD3650900

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