How do I Create a Sponsor Loop in Content Studio?


  • How can I create a loop of sponsor logos for my display?


  • Content Studio
  • Display Studio


  1. Open Content Studio.  See: How do I launch Content Studio for Show Control?
  2. To create a new presentation, click the new page icon in the top left corner, select display, and pick the zone for which you want to play this sponsor loop.
  3. Import sponsor logos into your presentation.
    • If your sponsor graphics are already made to the size of the display, go to the insert tab and select picture. Navigate to your image and import it in to your presentation.
    • If you have sponsor logos that aren't sized to the proper zone size, import a background first using the insert tab and select picture. Then repeat the same step to import the sponsor logo on top of it.
  4. To add multiple sponsors to your loop, add multiple layouts to your presentation. Click on the home tab at the top of the screen, and in the box labeled layout, select add. This will add a second layout for the next sponsor.
    Add Layout.png
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for every sponsor you have to add to the loop.
  6. Next, you can adjust the length of time each sponsor plays for. In the timeline at the bottom of the screen, grab the bar on the right side of each layout and while holding the ALT key, click and drag each layout to the desired length of time.
  7. If you would like, you can add a simple transition between each sponsor. At the bottom of the screen, click on Layout Storyboard. Then, in front of each layout there will be a square box with an hourglass inside. Click in this box and a selection of transitions will appear. Select the transition you would like to use for each layout.
    Story board layout.png
  8. At this point you can now preview your sponsor loop. In the lower right hand corner, click the blue play button to see what your loop will look like. When you are done previewing, click the red stop button to continue editing or save your presentation.
  9. Save this presentation to a location in your content folder.
  10. Next, go back in to Display Studio to create a button to play out the presentation you just made.  For more information on containers and buttons in Display Studio, follow How to create scripting buttons and containers.

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