How To Integrate a Fan Cam Into Your Production


  • How to integrate a fan cam into my show?
  • What file format do I need to create a fan cam?


  • TriCaster
  • Show Control


  1. Create your content.
    • Content should have a transparent background.
      • Still graphics should be PNG.
      • Animations should have an alpha channel on them.
        fan cam pic.PNG
  2. Import your graphic into the TriCaster.  See How to Load Media into a TriCaster, DD3640149.
  3. Load your graphic in the desired bin for your production.
    1. If using a still PNG graphic, load it into the Graphics (GFX) bin.  To do this, tab over to the GFX bin. Click the plus sign navigate to the correct file in the media browser.
    2. If using an animated graphic, load it into the DDR 1 bin or whichever bin will store your animations.  To do this, tab over to DDR 1 and navigate to the correct file in the media browser.
  4. Utilize the downstream key (such as DSK 1) to play out your graphic.
    1. Change the source on DSK 1 to be wherever your graphic is stored.
    2. Click the dropdown arrow at the bottom of the DSK 1 box to change it to whatever source your fan cam graphic is in.
  5. Click AUTO or TAKE under DSK 1 when your shot is framed and you are ready to overlay your fan cam graphic on top of your live shot.
  6. Click AUTO or TAKE to take off the graphic.

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