How to Load Media into a TriCaster


  • How do I load still images or videos into the TriCaster?


  • TriCaster


  1. ​In your TriCaster menu wheel, click Start Session.
  2. In the Session Window, click on the green Manage button in the icon ring.
  3. Click Import Media.
  4. On the next screen that pops up, click Add.
  5. Navigate to your graphic from whichever drive it is stored on and click open.
  6. Click Import in the import media window.
  7. Click Close when done.
    • For the TC1 model, the GUI will open a popup window for the session file location and files can be imported there.  See the following for view:
  8. Click Start Live Production on the menu to open up your TriCaster dashboard.
  9. Choose the bin where you want to load your graphics into.  This is usually DDR 1 or DDR 2. Load the graphic into the desired bin using the plus sign in the bottom corner.


KB ID: DD3640149

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