Proof of Play Report Types for Venus Control Suite


  • What are the types of Proof of Play Reports that can be created in Venus Control Suite?


  • Venus Control Suite Local or Daktronics Hosted


Types of Reports

  • Proof of Play - This report shows thumbnails, exposure (plays), and duration of each played media file.
    • Report can be associated to a specific account or show all accounts at once.
    • Report can be associated to a specific display or show all displays at once.
    • Report can be grouped by account or by display.
      • If grouped by account, then thumbnails of content will appear in the report.
      • If grouped by display, then there will not be thumbnails in the report.
Proof of Play.PNG
  • Proof of Play with Game in Progress - This report lists date/time of media files that played, the zone where they played, their duration, main clock information, and enables a CSV file for downloading.
    • Reports must be associated to a specific display.
    • Report can be associated to a specific account or display all accounts at once.

Proof of Play GIP.jpg
NOTE: Not pictured in the above example is main clock time from the All Sport but this can be configured.

  • Scheduled Content Report - This report shows the display’s scheduled playlists with details including the hours and dates of play.
    Proof of Play 6.PNG
  • Version Report - This report shows a listing of all displays with details about their associated devices including the version of each device.
    Proof of Play 5.PNG

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