How to replace an addressable LED scoreboard driver


  • How to replace an addressable LED scoreboard driver?


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  • LED Scoreboard Driver


  1. Disconnect scoreboard power.
    1. Indoor - there should be a breaker in a breaker box for the outlet the scoreboard is plugged into.  Alternatively, unplug the scoreboard power cord from the outlet.
    2. Outdoor - there should be a disconnect/switch at the base of the structure.
  2. Open the driver access panel.  How do I know where the driver in my LED scoreboard is located, DD3568180
    1. Take note of the driver orientation. In what corner is J19 located?  It might be helpful to take a picture of the driver before removing the old driver.
  3. Identify the address setting on the old driver.
    1. Look for an address plug in J19 and/or record the dip/rotary switch settings.  If the address is set by dip or rotary switches it might be helpful to take a picture.
  4. Disconnect all the plugs from the driver by squeezing the locking tabs together and pulling the connectors free. 
    1. If not already done, it may be helpful to label the cables to know which cable goes to which connector when attaching the new driver. 
  5. Remove the nuts securing the driver to the driver tray.
  6. Carefully lift the driver from the display and place it on a clean, flat surface.
  7. Position a new driver, in the same orientation as observed in step 2, over the screws and tighten the nuts.
  8. Set the address on the driver. This will be the same address as that set on the old driver, captured in Step 3.
    1. How to set the address on a LED scoreboard driver, DD2246897.
    2. If the old driver address is unknown, lost or is suspected as incorrect, follow What is the correct address for my LED scoreboard driver, DD3028953 to determine the correct LED driver address setting.
  9. Reconnect all plugs into the new driver.  The connectors are keyed and will attach in one way only, don't force the connections. Note that plug 1 (P1) will attach to driver jack 1 (J1), P2 to J2 and so on.
  10. Close and secure the access panel.
  11. Turn scoreboard power back on.
    1. Address setting can be verified by watching for "A###" during P.O.S.T./boot-up.  What does a scoreboard P.O.S.T. show and what does it mean, DD3056231.

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