What are the HTML content guidelines for web page playback?


  • What are the HTML content guidelines for web page playback?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: DMP-8000 version 7.7 or later with Windows 7 OS or later
  • Component: 
  • Control System: Show Control System/Display Studio

HTML content guidelines for web page playback.

Requirements for content

  • Chromium 66 build compatibility
  • Videos/animations can be in either the WebM format with VP8 codec or in the MP4 format with H.264 codec.

Design recommendations

  • If the HTML content is for single display, then it should be made for that specific display size.
  • If the HTML content is for multiple displays and display sizes, try to use responsive design to work across the multiple displays.
  • Turn off the scroll bars (overflow: hidden;)
  • The URL can contain query parameters such as the city, location or sign size.


  • Do not use login credentials to access the website/HTML.
  • Host the HTML content on the same web server as the data to avoid any issues with cross domain access.
  • The player does not cache to disk.
  • No support for browser plug-ins
  • No support for flash
  • When playing a web page to a zone, the page will not appear until it is fully loaded by the DMP-8000. If a URI file is played to a zone that is currently displaying content, that zone will blank immediately, but it could be a matter of seconds before the web page is visible. This can be due to multiple factors including the amount of content on the page or the quality of the Internet connection at the venue. For this reason, it may be best to play web pages to a full screen or "prompt" zone that is layered above other content so that the zone/display does not blank while the web page is loading.
  • "General" web pages that are not specifically designed for LED display may not play back at all due to features and/or coding that is not supported by DMP-8000. Every web page should be tested ahead of an event to ensure compatibility.

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