Blank cabinets of display- HUB board failure


  • Cabinets blank (could be non consecutive) on a Display
  • How to judge a HUB board failure for J and L series display


  • Product Family: NovaStar Sender Box / receiver cards
  • Product: Nova MCTRL660 sender box, MRV300Q
  • Component:
  • Control System: World Wide Gold, Limited Compliance Gold, NPP Control using transmit common/open protocol.
      • This includes but not limited to DVN-4003, Dragon sticks, J Series, U Series, Q Series​​, JVX, QVN-1000, QVN-1001, and ZPN.


  • If a Hub board fails, the cabinets related to it will be blank. 

Hub board failure.jpg 


  1. Replace the Hub board. (attached to the receiver cards)


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