How to control multiple scoreboards with one or more All Sport consoles?


  • How can I control multiple scoreboards with one or more All Sport consoles?


  • All Sport 5000
  • All Sport 1600
  • Gen V radio receiver
  • Gen VI radio receiver


  1. Check what the scoreboard radio receiver broadcast and channel settings are set to; reference How to Determine My Scoreboard’s All Sport Radio Settings, DD2499093 to find out how to do so.
  2. Depending on how many scoreboards and All Sport consoles you have, reference Understanding Broadcast & Channel Settings for Multiple Wireless Scoreboards, DD2189580 to determine the proper broadcast and channel settings for the scoreboards and consoles being used for your configuration.
  3. If broadcast and channel settings need to be changed in the scoreboards, reference  How to Change Scoreboard Radio Receiver Settings, DD2122306 to find out how to change them.

KB ID: DD2942804

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