Can I save/copy the Venus 1500 V4 automatic database backup externally?


  • Can I save/copy the Venus 1500 V4 automatic database backup externally?
  • How can I backup my Content Studio in case my computer ever crashes?
  • Where does Venus 1500 V4 save the automatic nucleus database backup?


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Venus 1500 V4.9 and greater automatically backs up your database per Does Venus 1500 V4 automatically backup my database?, DD2433671.

  1. You can find the backup file (named Backup.nucback) by browsing to:
    • Windows 32 Bit System: C:\Program Files\Daktronics\Nucleus Server\Backup
    • Windows 64 Bit System: C:\Program Files (x86)\Daktronics\Nucleus Server\Backup
  2. Once you find the backup file, you can choose where to save it externally by right-clicking on it and selecting Send To, or by Copying it to another location. 
  3. Now that the backup file is saved externally, you can load it onto another computer that has Venus 1500 V4 installed at any time by using the correct version of the Database Utility and clicking on Load/Restore which will load the previously saved database. Please reference How do I use the Nucleus Server Database utility? DD1705994.
  4. Load Restore.jpg 

    Note:  Before loading the backup database, switch to the same Schedule Mode that you were in on the previous computer in order to ensure that your schedule is transferred correctly, and then close out of Venus 1500 V4.

  5. You will receive a prompt: Do you want to save the existing database before proceeding with Load Setup?
    • Only click “Yes” if you need to save the current database and have not already done so.
    • Only click "No" if you want to clear current database
      • Typically, if this is a new computer, you can click No due to there is no database to save.
  6. On the second prompt: Loading setup will overwrite your existing data, Continue?  Click Yes.
    • Depending on the Database size Loading/Restoring the database may take several minutes.

KB ID: DD2619555

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