Scoreboard is blank or lighting incorrectly, Wrong driver address

​​Potential Symptoms

  • Information does not show up with the sport code, but does with the all on test.
  • Scoreboard, stat panel, or clock not responding to control equipment.
  • May occur after scoreboard driver replacement.
  • Information is showing up in the wrong location or section on scoreboard.
  • Same information may duplicate in multiple locations.
  • Information might be missing or sections are blank.
  • Indicators or other digits may remain lit all the time.
  • Information shows up as Gibberish.
  • Address on POST shows incorrect driver address or 00.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: LED Scoreboard, Stat Displays or Panels
  • Component: Driver
  • Control System:


  • One or more drivers are addressed incorrectly.


KB ID: DD2256321

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