​NCAA LiveStats by Genius Sports and Daktronics to Provide Complete Stats, Video Display and Scoreboard Integration

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Aug. 28, 2019 – Following the recent launch of NCAA LiveStats for volleyball and soccer, Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) today announces it will provide its partners with complete integration of real-time statistics and scores across its Show Control, video display and scoreboard solutions.

Developed by Genius Sports, NCAA LiveStats is the NCAA's official system for collecting, managing and distributing live match statistics. NCAA LiveStats for basketball was successfully implemented with schools and conferences for both men's and women's basketball across all three divisions for the 2018/19 season, capturing advanced statistics at courtside from the first tip at the Champions Classic in Indianapolis to the last shot at all six national championships games.

Daktronics partners can choose to use your existing DSTI solution or upgrade to the new Data Studio product platform for advanced functionality to cover NCAA LiveStats for volleyball and soccer.

New for 2019-2020 Season:
Data Studio | NCAA Basketball
Data Studio | NCAA Volleyball
- all-new user experience with features designed to help you put on a better show
- includes Venus Control Suite for display and content control

Continued Support 
We understand that transitioning to a new stats solution requires planning, so the NCAA, Genius Sports and Daktronics have taken steps to support you through this transition.

- Daktronics is encouraging customers to adopt the NCAA LiveStats products. With the NCAA's official system outputting both the serial (.sb) file and XML format from their IAU application, you have options to stay with your existing DSTI solution or upgrade to Daktronics new Data Studio platform.

- If your school or conference does move forward with the use of NCAA LiveStats please contact your Daktronics Professional Services representative for details and to find if any changes might be needed to be ready for your upcoming season.

For Questions about NCAA LiveStats, please Get Help through the NCAA website or your Genius Sports support contact. For questions regarding Daktronics support for NCAA LiveStats data or continued support of existing solutions, please contact your Daktronics services representative or email ProfessionalServices@daktronics.com.

Access info, training videos, FAQ and downloads at Know More from NCAA School and Conference Manager.

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